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Brisas Trinidad del Mar Hotel
Brisas Trinidad del Mar Hotel
Playa Ancon, Sancti Spiritus
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Province located in the central region of Cuba. It has an extension of 6 732,35 sq km (2600 sq mi) and an estimated population of 451 644 inhabitants (1996). The province ranks eighth in extension and twelfth in population.
The relief presents a great diversity. In the northern section we find a narrow strip of Cuba's central northern plain, which is interrupted by the heights of the same name and where the Sierra de Bamburanao and Meneses-Cueto outstand. More to the center we find the hills of Fomento and immediately after those of Guamuhaya. This territory comprises the eastern section of the Trinidad mountains and its highest peak, the Potrerillo, reaching 931 m (3054 ft) of height; the Agabama valley; and the western section of the Sancti Spíritus heights. To the southwest and occupying a coastal strip south from the city of Trinidad, we find the Sancti Spíritus plain, which has low and swampy zones, and going east we find the Jíbaro plain.
The hydrography of the province is represented by extense rivers among which the Jatibonico del Norte, Higuanojo, Yayabo, Jatibonico del Sur, and Zaza are the most important. The latter retains its waters in a dam named after the river, which is the biggest in the country.
Economical activity is characterized by cattle raising, as well as sugar and agricultural production.

01 Yaguajay
02 Jatibonico
03 Taguasco
04 Cabaiguan
05 Fomento
06 Trinidad
07 Sancti Spiritus
 Statistics 1999
 Surface area 6 744 km2 
 Resident population 460 631 inh 
 Average population 459 704 
 Female population 49,1 
 Population in working age 274 523
 Urbanization index 69,7 % 
 Population density 68,3 inh/ km2 
 Life expectancy at birth (1994-1995) 76,46
 Birthrate 11,9 
 General mortality rates (per 1000 live) 7,8 
 Infant mortality rate(per 1000 live births) 5,3 
 Fecundity global rate (children per woman) 1,46 
 Reproduction gross rate (daughters per woman) 0,71 
 Inhabitants per physician 179 
 Inhabitants per dentist 1 132 
 Initial matricula (Course 1999/2000) 87 411 
   Primary education 38 264 
   Intermediate education 31 500 
   Higher education 2 219 
 Graduates (Course 1998/1999) 16 361 
   Primary education 6 271 
   Intermediate education 7 454 
   Higher education 404
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